The first track off Jeffrey Lewis's sophomore release made me sad when I listened to it. It's a song about his life from when he was four to when he was 128, and all the sad and happy moments that happen in between. I don't know why I got depressed about a life that hasn't happened yet to a guy that I don't even know, but that last part, where he is all alone and his goldfish dies is just heart wrenching. But I digress.

This a fantastic folk-punk record from beginning to end. The lyrics don't always match the music, and Lewis's voice isn't exactly soulful, but their is an awesome honesty in his voice that is both excited and scared.

Standout tracks include the aforementioned aging song Back When I Was 4, the monster mashing rocker If You Shoot The Head You Kill The Ghoul and the twangy Graveyard.

Just don't think this is a sad album. It isn't. I'm just weird.

LIFE IN A BUNGALOW (3/3 – “Really Rocks”)