OCT 31 - LA - Jeffrey Lewis & others - Halloween in the forest! 8 PM start.

Directions are slightly tricky - Here's how to get to the park: (It's in Elysian Park, technically, although you start out in Echo PArk) ...On Sunset Blvd. heading East (towards Downtown) in Echo Park Left- on Douglas St. (go up the hill until it ends at Elysian Park Blvd.). Walk over the gated entrance to the Park. There will be a paved walkway winding down the hill. You will see Dodger Stadium over yonder on yr right. Follow the path, not too far, until you see the first little patch of woods on yr left. THIS IS WHERE WE WILL BE. Follow the lighted candle trail to the woods. .......... Please tell everybody you can think of. the more people the merrier (and scarier!). If anybody has problems finding the place then tell them to feel free to call Justin at (734)255-1915. (Organized by Justin Shay <shay_justin@hotmail.com>)

Happy Halloween!