December 27, 2010

The JEFFREY LEWIS & PETER STAMPFEL Band tours the UK in January 2011! See Upcoming Shows page for details.

Lots of new discussions and some exclusive free downloads of unreleased material are now at the Jeff Lewis Message Board...

The new Jeffrey Lewis comic book Fuff # 8 is out now! Ask for it at your local comic book shop, or order worldwide from!


We mourn the passing and celebrate the life of Tuli Kupferberg, 1923-2010.


Jeffrey Lewis & History Channel!

The History Channel website now features Jeffrey performing five of his illustrated "low budget documentaries" - search the site for "Jeffrey Lewis" to find The Mayflower, Sitting Bull, The Fall of Rome, The Peloponnesian War, and The Cuban Missile Crisis, with more scheduled to be posted in 2011!

THE BUNDLES album out now worldwide, on K Records!

March 9, 2010 - K Records has released the debut album by The Bundles (Kimya Dawson, Jeffrey Lewis, Jack Lewis, Anders Griffen, and Karl Blau)! Findable in a hip, indie, mom-and-pop music store near you (on LP or CD) or by ordering from the K Records website here.

Jeffrey Lewis Comic Book iPhone App, 99 cents!

Justin Ezra Mound (our old friend and computer genius) has completed digitizing the first installments of a series of Jeffrey Lewis comic book iPhone applications! The first installments are a long-overdue reprinting of Jeffrey' now-unfindable "Worldwide Comix Scavenger Hunt" work, plus some out of print issues of Fuff. Here's the link to where people can buy these first "issues" for just 99 cents each, and there'll be more to come.


Album out worldwide NOW on Rough Trade/Beggars! Buyable here.


In Other News...

Jeffrey etches for Cornershop...

Jeffrey has done an etched illustration for the B-side of the new Cornershop single! The A-side is titled “The Roll Off Characteristics (Of History In The Making)” and it will be released on Cornershop's very own Ample Play Records imprint. Vinyl copies of the single are to be distributed through Cargo to local shops, however, both vinyl and digital copies are also available for sale directly and securely at the Cornershop On-Line Shop from the group themselves, at .
UK vinyl record buyers can also order their copy of the limited 7" direct from the Rough Trade Shop here -

Jeffrey Lewis video podcast "TV show" hosted by the Guardian UK... "Jeffrey Lewis And The News" features special guests as well as Jeff's illustrated/sung "News of the Week" reports. Watch these short episodes here!

The Jeffrey Lewis music video for "To Be Objectified" was featured as Youtube top pick on March 18 2009 and received over 100,000 new viewers that day.

"The Beats - A Graphic History", a collection of comic book biographies of Beat Poets, has been released by Farrar, Straus, and Giroux. In additon to work by Harvey Pekar and Ed Piskor and others, "The Beats- A Graphic History" includes Jeffrey Lewis' 10-page comic book biography of Tuli Kupferberg.

Jeffrey Lewis solo tour in Australia (with Darren Hanlon) in March-April 2009 went great! Jeffrey Lewis return Australia tour in 2010, and debut New Zealand tour, was also great! Thanks to everybody who attended!

In 2008-2009 Jeffrey Lewis did a series of essays (and comix) for the New York Times... see the Measure For Measure Op-Ed section here to read articles about songwriting by Jeffrey Lewis, Suzanne Vega, Rosanne Cash and others!

Jeffrey and Olive Juice Music have taken it upon themselves to bring the music of Stanley Brinks to the world! Stanley (AKA Andre Herman Dune) and his partner Clemence Freschard have been living in Berlin for years, making endless fantastic albums which have been almost impossible to find other than in person on their rare tours... SO Jeffrey bought copies of about 20 different Stanley & Freschard CDs in Berlin in summer 2008, and all of these albums are now available for 8 dollars each from the Olive Juice Music website here! Get 'em while they last - although there's a lot of different albums there's only about 5 copies of each one! Some are listed under Stanley Brinks, some under Freschard. Many feature collaborations with the likes of the Wave Pictures, the Purple Organ, Major Matt Mason and more; all of the albums listed on Olive Juice have li'l descriptive blurbs and track titles.

The Jeffrey & Jack Lewis CD of 2005 demos and outtakes "City & Eastern Tapes" is now available worldwide via Olive Juice Music here.

Jeff drew a 3-page comic book (with text by John Darnielle!) as a companion to the 2008 Mountain Goats album Heretic Pride! Other recent freelance art assignments for Jeff include multiple comic book projects for the band The Cribs, now on display on this site along with previous freelance work like the 2-page full color comic book for the UK Guardian Guide's summer festival preview issue and the 12-page comic book packaging design for the recent Dufus CD, "In Monstrous Attitude!" See all of these comics in the "Freelance Work" section of the "Other Art" page!

DROWNED IN SOUND sponsored a Jeffrey Lewis Q & A competition in which fans' questions would be answered by Jeff in the form of drawings... see the final artistic results HERE!