The new Jeffrey Lewis album "12 Crass Songs" is out on Rough Trade Records in the UK and Europe as of October 1, 2007! US release is slated for January 2008. "12 Crass Songs", featuring Jeffrey's creative interpretations of 12 songs by the anarchist punk band Crass, comes in a special die-cut cover sleeve designed by Jeffrey, with full-color fold-out comic book artwork. This album will ONLY be available in stores and online, and not at the tour concerts, which will make album sales easier to track - half of all money Jeff makes from album sales of this CD will be donated to humanitarian charities and causes (ones which Crass would hopefully approve of). Reviews here!

Olive Juice online distribution now carries all three albums by Jeffrey & Jack's incredible uncle Victor Lewis, AKA Professor Louie - a huge influence on Jeff's writing. Call him underground hip hop, call him spoken word, call him the greatest Jewish-Socialist-Brooklynite-rapper over 50... or be like Pete Seeger and just call him "genius"! From his debut album in 1985, to 1996's "Be For Real", you can now find all of the Professor Louie recordings at the Olive Juice store here!

"Tapes From The Crypt", a compilation CD of 14 songs taken from Jeffrey Lewis home cassette recordings 1997-2001 is now available for sale here!

Jeffrey & Jack Lewis: City & Eastern Songs is now out on Rough Trade Records in the UK and Europe, and in stores in the USA as of Sept 26 2006. On top of this being the band's first real studio record, it was produced by legendary NYC indie rock producer Kramer (former collaborator/producer of Galaxie 500, Daniel Johnston, Paleface, Tuli Kupferberg, Jad Fair, Low, etc etc). Guest instrumentalist Peter Stampfel, of legendary 60s weirdo-folk band the Holy Modal Rounders, contributed some wonderful fiddle, banjo and other parts! See here for reviews!

City & Eastern Songs is available at the iTunes Online Music Store here, downloadable for $0.99 per track or $9.99 for the complete album - As a special promotional gimmick anybody who pays to download the whole album will get 2 EXCLUSIVE BONUS TRACKS, a live recording of The History Of Punk On The Lower East Side, and a live recording of Sal's Pizza Has Sold Out To the Yuppie Scum!

The previous two full length Jeffrey Lewis CDs "It's the Ones Who've Cracked That the Light Shines Through" and "The Last Time I Did Acid I Went Insane" are out on Rough Trade Records, in the UK/Europe and in the US. Findable at bigger places like Tower/Virgin/Borders, hopefully findable at smaller indie stores too.

The 2006 Daniel Johnston tribute album I Killed The Monster features Jeffrey Lewis doing "The Adventures of God as a Young Boy", as well as tracks by Kramer, Major Matt Mason, Mike Watt, Kimya Dawson, Danielson & Sufjan Stevens, Toby Goodshank, and others! It's the first release on Kramer's new Second Shimmy label.

There's a Jeffrey Lewis track on a great Fall tribute album! The album is a double CD set called "Perverted By Mark E.", released on Germany's Zick Zack records! What makes this compilation so cool is that it is not just cover versions of Fall songs but many songs ABOUT the band and its notoriously cranky leader Mark... "Perverted By Mark E." features 29 artists including Barbara Manning, Preston School of Industry, Tocotronic, Jowe (TV Personalities/Swell Maps) Head, Chris (Tall Dwarves) Knox, and the Barcelona Pavilion. The Jeffrey Lewis contribution is of course "The Story of the Fall" in a version recorded with backup music and vocals by Just About To Burn. Jeff's illustrated "Lo-budget Video" that goes along with the song is online here! "Perverted By Mark E." can be ordered from the wonderful people at